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Atelier Cuoium – Cernobbio


Villa Erba Antica
Largo Luchino Visconti 2 – Cernobbio (CO)
26/29 april 2015

The retro feel is the vintage soul of a nineteenth-century villa on Lake Como, the rooms of a dated wardrobe that smells of lace and crinolines, a historic sewing machine abandoned in a corner suggested the mood of an exhibition which aims to recreate the ‘atmosphere of “old atelier” craft.

The intention of the setting is to revive a place, tailoring, and at the same time tell a fascinating and challenging business challenge in a convivial atmosphere, through found objects and fine details. L’ATELIER, or workshop, is the workshop of the artist or the haute couture fashion … a place where you create works of art and sewing patterns “made to measure”.

There are numerous citations and references to the world sartorial busts, hangers, coat racks, utensils tailor work (measuring instruments, scissors, spinning wheel, cotton reels, buttons …).

Protagonist becomes SKIN CUOIUM in its textures, treatments and colors, lying on the big work table, ready to be touched, choice and select. It will be the material of choice in the production of furnishing articles.

In glass cases it tells a story: memories laboratory objects and working tools narrate the evolution of a valuable material and timeless.