The leather worked to add a touch of personality and originality to cushions, panels, seats, furnishings, and fashion accessories. Thanks to a continuous pressing technology, leather is respected as a noble material.
The collection includes 10 motifs replicable on any leather from the Cuoium collection, provided that it has a maximum thickness of 1.8mm.
Minimum order of 2 half hides per motif.

– choose a collection
– choose a color
– chose a motif

Let’s create your unique style.

For technical reasons, only half hides or portions of whole hides up to a maximum width of 150cm can be processed.

The processing can be applied to all leathers in the Cuoium collection, however, the results will vary depending on the type of starting leather: aniline-finished leathers tend to darken, creating a two-tone and shaded effect, while pigmented leathers will maintain their color uniformity.

The use of embossed leathers is recommended only for paneling and other areas where they are not subjected to tension and/or changes in tension.
The use of embossed leathers on seats is not recommended. Pressure and heat can alter the original technical characteristics of the leather. We invite you to take note of the technical data sheet for guidance on the designs.


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Care and Maintenance

If liquid spills or stains occur, dry immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth or sponge. Clean with a soft, damp cloth. For more stubborn dirt, use a pH balanced soap and rinse. Repeat if necessary. Do not rub the area with force or pressure. Never use leather cleaners, such as emollient soap or household cleaners, which may contain harsh chemicals, alcohol or ink thinner.

Pizzicati - Arthemis 12
Arthemis 12
Pizzicati - Clessidra 45
Clessidra 45
Pizzicati - Berbero 330
Berbero 330
Pizzicati - Crochet 320
Crochet 320
Pizzicati - Rhombus 25
Rhombus 25
Pizzicati - Ola 22
Ola 22
Pizzicati - Rhombus 15
Rhombus 15
Pizzicati - Losanga 45
Losagna 45
Pizzicati - Riga 25
Riga 25
Pizzicati - Squama 22
Squama 22