Maintenance and cleaning

The upholstery leather normally used at home does not require any special maintenance and it should be cleaned only if strictly necessary. Your leather’s long life does not depend on a regular cleaning



To clean the leather simply use a damp cloth soaked in water and neutral soap and wipe the leather surface with light circular movements. Please avoid any strong rubbing. Rinse with water only and dry with a cloth. Do not use any cleaning agent if not specifically indicated by the tannery. Do not use any alcohol, acetone, ammonia, wax or polishing spray! Wax and spray for furniture often contain silicone that can give the leather an unpleasant sticky touch. Do not use any nourishing substance, the modern leather doesn’t require any nourishing.


If you use wrong products, the finish of the leather may be damaged seriously; damage appears as time passes, after several cleaning operations. Attention: suede split or nubuck grain leather as well as leathers finished with aniline or wax/oils cannot be cleaned at all, if not with a simple dry and soft cloth. Any product could damage irrecoverably the leather! On the market you can find leather-cleaning sets specially developed for the different kinds of leather.