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Use embossed leather in an alternative way: panels and boiserie, decorative but also sound-absorbing. For homes, offices and restaurants. The new 24 patterns proposed by Cuoium, an embossing service applicable to all leathers to give movement and decorative and original solutions.

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The catalog has 24 selected prints, but numerous other patterns are available upon request, including:
• Floral
• Animal Print
• Geometric
• Ethnic
• Intertwined
• Natural grains

No minimum quantity required

This special processing allows to impress certain designs on the skin, with a three-dimensional relief effect. The process takes place through the use of steel plates which, mounted on hydraulic presses, give pressure/heat to the hides. The plates have different sizes, however, of a size smaller than the hides themselves: there will therefore be an overlap of the plate punch which will be visible on the full hides as well as on the half hides. Depending on the different pattern, the overlap can be more or less marked. The embossing is applicable on all the leathers of Cuoium collection, with different results depending on the type of leather used: leathers finished with aniline will tend to darken giving a two-tone and nuanced effect, while leathers finished with pigments will maintain their uniformity of color. It is recommended to use embossed leathers only for panels and other areas where they are not subject to stretching and/or changes in tension. The use of embossed leather on seats is not recommended. Some patterns are specially designed to cut the finish or puncture the leather. Pressure and heat can change the original technical characteristics of the leather.

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