Fard is an innovative leather specially designed to harmonize the nubuck look with high technical characteristics. Suitable for any type of application such as armchairs, sofas, furniture, desks, tables and objects, Fard is resistant to dirt, abrasion and easy to be cleaned.

Thickness: 1,2-1,3 mm
Average size: < 5,00 SqFt

Main features

  • Good resistance to UV rays
  • Easy to clean
  • Stain resistance (coffee, red wine, ketchup, oil, chocolate, cola, orange juice, soy, butter, acetic acid, condensed milk, water)
  • Good resistance to physical tests (rubbing, tearing and tearing)
  • Fireproof

Flame retardant standards: IMO, UNI and others on request.

Available in 17 colours

 imbottiti-ico     upholstery
arredamento-ico     furniture
nautica-ico     nautical furniture
aviazione-ico     aviation

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